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Exchange Personnel

Turbocharging finance teams.

How Does It Work?

The Process

Step 1

First step is to submit a request letting us know a bit about the position you are looking to fill and whether this is a part-time or full-time role.

For full-time roles, Exchange Personnel will charge a monthly fee and an hourly rate for part-time roles.


Step 2

Exchange Personnel will provide a proposal within 24 hours including a selection of suitable candidates.

Step 3

Once you have signed the agreement, the candidate can commence immediately.

Key Benefits
  • There is no lock-in term and agreements can be terminated at any point

  • If the client is dissatisfied with the candidate, a replacement candidate will be provided

  • Candidates are based in the Philippines, ensuring a manageable time difference with Australia

About Us

Why Offshore?

Cost Savings

One of the primary reasons for offshoring is cost savings. The cost of using an Exchange Personnel candidate is significantly lower than an Australian employee performing the same function.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

With shallow talent pools in Australia, using Exchange Personnel allows clients to access a larger talent pool to find the most suitable candidate for a role.

What We Offer

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Clients have discovered that utilising offshore staff has improved the efficiency of many different finance functions and a greater amount of work is achieved.

Greater Flexibility

Exchange Personnel allows clients to terminate services at any point, allowing businesses to reconfigure teams quickly and efficiently.


The speed provided by Exchange Personnel allows businesses to solve resourcing problems quickly without needing to go through lengthy recruitment processes.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Founded by former financial controllers with experience in financial services businesses, Exchange Personnel acutely understands the needs of these businesses when it comes to offshoring.



Exchange Personnel provides offshore candidates at market-leading rates. 


Exchange Personnel reviews thousands of candidates to ensure only high-quality candidates are presented to clients.

Why Us



Our Address

Suite 14.02

55 Market St

Sydney NSW 2000

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